Social Implications Of E-Commerce

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Social implications of e-commerce on society

In this assignment I shall highlight the social implications on society posed by e-commerce.
This shall include benefits and disadvantages as well as a large range of effects as well as implications on society.

What are the benefits of e-commerce for customers

There are many benefits for e-commerce customers, such as remote shopping, access to goods and services for the housebound, anytime access, internet discounts and search facility.

Remote shopping is surfing an online store, such as Amazon, Ebay, Tesco’s online store etc. Remote shopping is done by the comfort of your own home, this is helpful to many people including elderly people or a customer who may have a disability. Remote shopping
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This attracts customers as they will get a discount on products whereas in store they may not, also when shopping online it tends to be cheaper which is why many shop online as it is beneficial to spend some of their money rather than more.

When businesses who expand to the internet start gaining more customers, it allows the business to shut down branches, this means jobs will be lost however more money would be saved for the company overall. The main aim for almost every business is to make as much money as possible so this would mean making hard decisions - on the other hand it could benefit them.

However in some cases many despise online shopping for the reason that the P&P usually adds more value to the product as you may be paying more for the delivery then you are for the product, especially when having to return an item for a
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E-commerce also has a negative impact on society as less people are going out to shop, which leads to lack of communication as online shopping tends to be more independent. Whereas in a store you would usually have staff, such as support team to help you or when you’re checking out you’re interacting with the cashier. However when online shopping it’s searching for an item and simply choosing a payment method and it is all done without having to go through the process of communicating with anyone.

Crimes such as; shoplifting have reduced due to the fact that the in store security has now advanced as well as most businesses have now turned to e-commerce, this is has a positive effect on society as crimes would decrease as well as businesses not losing and money as products aren’t being

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