Essay on The Finals

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We had just come off a big win in the semi-finals to make it to the finals. Our team was excited and this time we were going for the win. It’s sad how we lost last year by a single point. The finals are always close and intense; unfortunately we have been losing for the past three years. We are not going to let it happen again. Positioned and standing there in the left lane ready for the tip-off to start the game, I was thinking about all the losses we had the years before. We were playing at home this year, the crowd on our side, game about to start momentum rushing in at us already and it felt great. The referee was approaching the half court line where the centers were set and ready to jump it out. He threw the ball up in the air, the …show more content…
I had got the bucket and a foul. Making the free throw, I noticed our point guard’s foot turned to the side over itself as he was covering the perimeter behind me. This was unexpected and I asked him if he was well enough to play. He answered suggesting he was alright but I felt he was irritated by the way he replied to me. Worried that I should call timeout to discuss the issue and substitute him off the court, I got ready to defend. At first the other team had rotated roles in such a way that I ended up guarding their power forward. Then two opposing players blocked me out by forming a screen so that I couldn’t guard my matchup. However, just as my matchup tried for the quick assist to his freeman leading to the easy bucket, I quickly spun off the screen, reached around it and stole the ball. Running the fast break, I quickly dished it up to the man ahead for the easy look. He scored and the other team’s coach called time. This was the chance for me to bring up the awkward foot injury of my friend’s. However, before I got to my coach he had already found out about the point guard’s injury as our star player was on the floor in agonizing pain. I wondered what had happened, how he got injured and why he’s not telling anyone about it. Coach told us not to panic and move on; he said that nothing was going to stop us from winning so he subbed on another point guard. I watched my teammate hop on one foot supported by two of our players

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