Essay Strategy and Action Plans for Panera Bread Company

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Introduction This report draws the action plans required to implement strategy for Panera Bread Company introduced in the case study included in strategic planning course. The following topics are discussed in this report.
Background about Panera Bread
Case study discussion
Suggested Action Plan based on strategy mentioned in the case study
Comparing suggested plan with actual plan implemented by Panera Bread
Panera Bread Company specializes in bakery-cafes and it one of largest food service company in United states. The company is also operating in Canada. The company is operating in three business segments including bakery-cafe, franchise and fresh dough and other products operations.("2012 Annual Report ," 2013)
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In order to have greater flexibility and improved communication , the company need to adopt more flat structure than tall structure. The company need to consider centralized decision to tight the decision making process with company strategy.
Establishing and review performance measures that encompass efficiency, innovation, quality and customer responsive to the customer.
The reward and recognition processes need to be linked to the performance measures.
Adopt Lean Six Sigma to standardize the processes and products and improve the quality.
Embedding the adaptive culture inside the company by motivating middle and lower levels managers for more innovations and initiatives.This will enable the company to be more productive and to adopt the new required changes.(Hill & Jones, 2013)
Functional structure is recommended because it ease the management control and specialization within the group or unit.(Hill & Jones, 2013)
Information technology
Information technologies (IT) play major roles in strategy implementation. The following actions are recommend to be implemented by IT division to support strategy impressions.
Improve the communication within the organization and to external entities especially customer.
Standardize , automate and control mission critical processes.

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