Roosevelt's Legacy Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt was a man uniquely fitted to the role that he played in American

history. He became President of the United States at the crucial crossroads of the nineteenth and

twentieth centuries. At the turn of the century, the U.S. had faced countless problems as the

result of the industrial revolution's effects on society and politics. Reform was needed and it

took a man of great vision and ambition to make the changes the American public sought to

gain. Roosevelt was the type of man needed by America to improve standards of living, earn

purity in democracy, create fairness in business practice, protect the natural environment and

earning the respect of foreign nations during the United States' rise to
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Roosevelt's decisive action in this matter was the first of

several great changes he brought into the U.S. and set the pace for vast modernization, by

today's standards, during his tenure in office. The "Trust-buster" displayed this platform in his

convictions and actions while reforming economic policies to create fairness within the business

world. His "Square Deal", referring to his promise not to favor any one group of Americans,

became one of his most famous platforms during his presidency. This conviction was displayed

in his actions in 1902 when the United Mine Workers Union went on strike; demanding higher

wages and shorter work shifts. The mine owners rejected not only their demands, but their

recognition as a union. After five months, Roosevelt intervened and brought both sides to the

table in an attempt to resolve the matter. An arbitration commission appointed by TR helped

both sides compromise and come to agreement.

Teddy Roosevelt also drove America into the 20th century with his great contributions to

conservation of natural resources. As industrial America steam-rolled into the 20th century,

natural resources were consumed in unfathomable numbers. The previously untouched western

landscapes were subjected to rapidly advancing consumption in favor of business interests. As a

result; ranchers, farmers, miners, and foresters as well as

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