Essay on Reasons Behind the Rise of Workplace Diversity

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Nowadays, diversity is an important factor inside the organizational structures as organization worldwide. As we all know, workforce diversity can be defined as a workforce that consist of a broad mix of peoples within a workforces that including from a different unit of racial, religion and ethic background with a different of ages, genders and sexual orientation, employees mental ability and a different domestic and national cultures. Regarding to Wentling and Palma, the diversity also can explain as the co-existence of employees from various socio-cultural backgrounds within the company (Wentling, R.M., and N. Palma-Rivas., 2000). the diversity elements can be categorized in three classes as social, value and informational diversity …show more content…
Is workforce diversity given a threat or opportunity to organization? In reality, there is a reason behind the rise of diversity which is globalization, migration, women’s work, aging population, political diversity, the corporate structure change, status diversity and caste diversity. Regarding to the Georges and Tony, a managing diversity is (1) not just a social, moral or conscience issues; (2) acknowledging people’s with different valuable; and (3) a creativity with the human qualities different from outside group belong (Georges A. & Tony G., 2011).
As I mention earlier, workforce’s diversity is not only claimed as a social, a moral or conscience issues as it effecting directly into the organizations performance and result. It can be considered as all of the failed marketing attempts will lack in the communications, relationship, lost talent, conflicts and also the misunderstanding between employees in way to appreciating and understanding the diversity (Georges A. & Tony G., 2011). As example, many corporate retails company like TESCO and Giant will pushes the stakeholders to look inside the organization on how the employees handling the process of diversity issues, rewarding correctly and turning back to the others. If there is unsuccessful in handling the process of diversity, it will shows that the management have a lack training of employees and the priorities for each employees to have a good

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