Questions to Zappos, a Company Essay

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Questions on Zappos
1. What are the steps in the selection process at Zappos? Does this seem like a complete selection process?
There are several steps in the selection process at Zappos. Initially applicants need to fill out an application online on the company’s website. Then, the first step in the process is a phone interview with potential employees. Applicants will be asked a series of questions by a recruiter on their skills and experience. After the phone interview about half of the applicants will be selected for a second interview. The second interview is in a room with a bunch of televisions, where potential employees will be asked various questions about Zappos core values. For instance, recruiters will ask questions to find
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Zappo’s recruiters could give potential employees a little more time to see if they open up. If applicants do not open up during the time period, then they should be rejected
2. Review the criteria for a successful selection method: reliable, valid, generalizable, practical, and legal. How does Zappos meet those criteria? In the book the selection process is covered in chapter 6, page 165-173, of the book. A reliable method is defined as a type of calculation that indicated how the calculation is free from mistakes. The article did not specify any method. However, the author did explain figures on how many candidates would move to the next step of the hiring process. This demonstrates that Zappos has some sort of reliable method in place because in the last step approximately one-tenth of candidates get a job offer. Validity is the degree to which performance is measured to meet job performance. Zappos performs this method in a few steps. For instance, when recruiters observe candidates interactions, how candidates treat others, and or by asking questions related to Zappos core values. Generalizable method goes beyond the first general step in the hiring process. For instance, Zappos meets this criteria by having several steps to determine if an applicant will be the best fit for the job or by going through a series of test. Utility or practical value is defined as something that

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