Four Functions Of Management At Zappos

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Zappos is an online retail store that strives to offer outstanding customer service, much of their success has been from establishing effective leaders. The leadership style at Zappos focuses on empowering employees, by using four management functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Zappos prides itself on having the right vision, “the right vision inspires employees to want to do the things beyond expectations.” (Bateman, T. S., Snell, S., & Konopaske, R., 2016)
What are the four functions of management described in the video?
The four functions of management described at Zappos are planning, organization, leading, and controlling. Planning is established around the larger vision of Zappos that is: “One day, 30% of all retail transactions in the
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Bateman at el. (2016) states leaders who possess charismatic leadership inspire their follower to have trust, confidence, acceptance, obedience, emotional involvement and admiration and higher performance. At Zappos all decisions are wrapped around the ten core values that support the companies vision.
At Zappos, the management function of “leading” is implemented in a very specific way. What are the characteristics that are valued by Zappos in terms of management and leadership? Characteristics that are values at Zappos are motivation, responsible, and empowering. The trait approach is another way to characterize the characteristics that are values at Zappos. According to Bateman at el. (2016) although you may not be born with all personality characteristics you can strive to acquire them. Zappos looks for driven people, willing to take on projects no matter the size and see them through to the very end taking 100% responsibility. Since establishing project leaders based on drive, employees feel empowered to make decisions on how to properly handle

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