Pit Bulls Essay

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• Uninformed people who believe in the stereotypes of “aggressive” dogs.
• Parents of younger children because they are protective.

• Convince people that the stereotype of Pit Bulls being inherently aggressive is completely misrepresentative of the breed.
• Convince parents that Pits are loving and a good family dog and not the vicious animal that people are led to believe because of media influence.
• I want to open the eyes of others to the fact that any dog can be aggressive.

Dog attacks involving Pit Bulls always generates the question of whether Pit Bulls are inherently aggressive or not. If dog behavior analysts and professional dog trainers believe Pit Bulls are not inherently dangerous,
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I personally know that pit bulls can be incredibly friendly towards people because my brother owns one. Blue, my brothers pit, is energetic and enthusiastic. He loves to play and he gets along marvelously with my nieces and other children as well. The fact that pit bulls get along so well with children has not gone unnoticed since this breed used to be “seen as the perfect “nanny dog” for children because of its friendly nature, loyalty and stability” (Holland). There have been a few famous pit bulls in American history ones that got along with children and others that were decorated war heroes. “Petey from The Little Rascals/Our Gang shorts” (“Fun Facts About Famous Pit Bulls.”) was one dog that was amazing with children. Although being great with children is cool, what is even cooler is that a PIT BULL was the first ever dog to be given the title of Sergeant. That’s right a Pit Bull. Sergeant Stubby was promoted to that rank after he single-pawedly captured an enemy spy during WWI (“The Price of Freedom: Stubby.”).
Petey is a rare case of pit bulls getting positive media attention. If pit bulls are in the news it is usually because of an attack. “A pit bull bite is … more likely to draw media attention. Many dogs of other breeds bite people, but these incidents almost always go unreported” (“The Truth

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