Outlook for the Automotive Industry Essay

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Throughout the world there are numerous automotive manufacturers. Appendix A is a list of 215 that can be found on the Wikipedia Website titled List of current automobile manufacturers (alphabetical). (List of current automobile manufacturers (alphabetical)) Due to the restricted amount of time available of information on manufacturers, and the restricted amount of time available for this paper, research was limited to only the manufacturers listed below for the majority of the industry outlook. [replace with company chosen] was chosen for an in depth review for this report.
• Ford Motor Co.
• General Motors
• Honda Motor Co.
• Toyota Motor Corp Ltd.
• Nissan Motor Co.
• Fiat Group
• Volkswagen AG
• Hyundai Motor Co.
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In Figure 1 below, the graph shows the global sales predicted of ‘light vehicles’ according to region for 2014:
Figure 1
According to the graph, Asia, and specifically China, is showing the most amounts of sales in this market this year, while North America and Western Europe will stay significantly behind, and Africa and the Middle East are predicted to be the slowest sellers throughout 2014 (Figure 1). Frost & Sullivan also predict that there is going to be a “shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle usership,” (Singh, Surender and Kelly). They have forecasted that the separation between these two segments is becoming smaller. The global market is leaning towards a “more dynamic and flexible mobility afforded by car sharing and car rentals,” and alongside this, in 2014 corporate car sharing is also expected to be a main growth in this market, (Singh, Surender and Kelly). Global automotive parts are being predicted to have enormous growth in the ‘eRetailing’ market. This means more

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