Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites Essay

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Today technology has created new styles of communication on the internet for us all. This technology has made great impact on everyday life in today’s society. Cyber communications have become hugely popular in the last decade, especially those websites that help people to find new or old friends, keep in touch with families, and even help people to find potential dates! The numbers of people using cyber social networking are growing in millions every year. Cyber social networks have helped people link to each other with common interests, and expand personal ideas and support worldwide. But people are getting too friendly with this technology. Dangers are slowly appearing, and there still have a lot of hidden threats. Cyber social networks …show more content…
In a few people’s opinion, this technology may help people who are shy to meet new friends and expand their social network. But eventually people have to go out to meet people, such as for job interviews. Researchers at Stanford University’s Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society (SIQSS), find that internet use directly relates to social isolation; in a survey, Stanford researchers say that for every hour a person spends online, their face to face time with family and friends decrease by 23.5 minutes (Hanson). Face to face interaction is more important and healthier than the virtual world communication in its effect on psychological wellness. Furthermore, these issue lead to the problems of bullying.
Cyber bullying is simply a new mode that in earlier days played out chiefly in playground dustup and lunch money shakedowns. Nowadays, many teenagers abuse this technology. Many of them using social network services to start a rumor, harass, intimidate, threaten, mock and defame, to express their personal anger toward other people. Sometimes abusers are trying to strengthen their place in the social hierarchy by intimidating those they perceive to have less status, loners or misfits. Cyber social network services have created a place for people to create fake pictures, profiles and rumors, and spread them instantly across the network. Thus the impact is more intense,

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