M&M's Marketing History Essay

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Company Overview

Long, Long…but not that Long Ago!
M&M’s started its gigantic universal recognition in a small kitchen by Forrest Mars Sr, all he had were a few utensils and a small oven. It was during the Spanish Civil War, young soldiers were puppets of conflictions between sides, not knowing when they will go back home and if they might make it for that matter of fact. While sustaining their orders, Forrest Mars Sr. noticed that little was there to make their time bearable, as little as a chocolate shaped pebble! Forrest Mars Sr. noticed that these little miracle pebbles were fun and convenient to eat and easy to carry around, he also noticed that its significance was due to its hard sugar coating over the chocolate which kept it
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Gooooooooal!! the Crowd Loves them!
The past half century from the introduction of M&M's was evolutionary, however the real awards kicked in 1996, and the magnitude of this year's significance was superb. A few of this year's attribution was due to when M&M's advertising of its' Brand Characters was rated by USA Today as the #1 most effective and popular campaign amongst 60 other entrants. Next, Virtual Hollywood was geared and set off through the internet with the opening of M&M's Studios. The studio virtually reflected the exciting colors that are found in the chocolates themselves.

In this same year, a personalized service was added to custom make all the chocolate by making a unique blend of colors and writing over them.

I'm Green da ba bee da ba dai…
In the following year; 1997; Green the first female character from the green chocolate M&M's was the glamorous star debuted in the Brand's TV commercials. She promoted her autobiography while touring America, her famous slogan was "I melt for no one", this lined her in a higher celebrity class along her male colleagues- Red, Yellow and Blue.

M&M's World… it's not so small
1997 was also the year when people witnessed the Brand's very own retail store's Grand Opening of the "M&M's World" on the Las Vegas strip. M&M's merchandise was everything that an M&M's lover wanted ranging from t-shirts to accessories,

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