I Need To Know Where I Came From To Know Where I Am Going Essay

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Growing up I learned the stories of my ancestors and how all of them were immigrants. I felt a need to learn their stories because I thought “I need to know where I came from to know where I am going”. I believe I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors and my accomplishments are not my own but resulted due to what they accomplished in their lives. I view my family history as building blocks with each generation improving, if only in millimeters. My ancestors came from Germany, Sweden and Bohemia. Three of my great-grandparents were immigrants. My parents both knew their grandparents and had a relationship I find it amazing to be so close to the immigrant generation yet so far away. I say far away because the language and customs …show more content…
McGoldrick, Giordano and Garcia-Preto (2005) state the Scandinavian cultural values center around two cultural beliefs, “Don’t think you are special” and “Keep to yourself”. I shared this with my mother she laughed and said “That describes me and grandma”. Also I see this in myself because I always think what I can do anyone can do but in reality not everyone has the capabilities that I possess. Not everyone can or wants to continue their education like I have. In exploring the Scandinavian values more in McGoldrick et al. (2005) I felt as if I was reading a book about me. Two factors appear to have an impact on Scandinavian values. First I was fascinated to learn the northern sections of Scandinavia experience extended winter darkness making sunlight highly valued. Isolation, due to the rugged geography, creates the second factor impacting Scandinavian values. The familiarity of long winter darkness and isolation tends to make Scandinavians expect hardiness in themselves. Isolation and silence may be the Scandinavian comfort zone they also value coming together to help one another. It should be noted in social situation they value shyness seeing it as being reflective, sensitive and non-intrusive. Scandinavians value practicality and working towards practical solutions together to avoid conflict. They favor avoiding conflict preferring agreement and consensus which make for good conflict resolution skills. The chapter on

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