Abigail Williams In The Crucible Analysis

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From Innocent to Evil
The play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, set Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of the year 1692, is about a group of girls that accuses other people of witchcraft which leads to other people accusing others of witchcraft. This led to chaos because people were getting falsely accused and executed. Throughout the play, every character 's behavior stays the same except for one character. That one person is Abigail Williams because her mood changes throughout the play from innocent to evil. Abigail is a liar, she changes her behavior once someone provokes her, and is willing to get people falsely executed.
Abigail Williams rarely say any truth and lies throughout the whole play by accusing other people of witchcraft. For
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An evidence of this is when Abigail said, “She is blackening my name in the village! She is telling lies about me! She is a cold, sniveling woman” (Miller 24). This means she is accusing Elizabeth Proctor for making bad rumors throughout town and will have revenge on her. Abigail is doing this because she envies John and Elizabeth’s relationship and only wants John Proctor to herself. Another evidence is when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of pricking her with the needle from the poppet Mary Warren gave (Miller 74). This shows that Abigail was trying to make the sheriffs of the town believe that Elizabeth was intentionally hurting her by a voodoo doll. This evidence also means that Abigail wants Elizabeth to be taken away to prison so that she can have John Proctor all to herself. Overall, Abigail is willing to kill someone because of …show more content…
For example, In Act Three, Abigail convinces the court judges by frightfully saying that she is all of a sudden freezing and shivering (Miller 108). By saying this, Judge Danforth believes her by accusing Mary Warren for sending her spirit towards her which is what Abigail intended to do so that she can win the trust of Judge Danforth. She wants to accuse Mary Warren so that Mary can give up being on John Proctor’s team and be on her side instead. Another example is Abigail manipulating Reverend Hale by saying names of people who has been with the Devil since Reverend Hale wants to bring justice to the town (Miller 48). This shows that Abigail is using a witch hunter to win his trust and use him for solving these cases. This will tell people that even a respected reverend will trust Abigail and that will make other people want to trust her. As said above, Abigail is manipulative to everyone that knows her. In conclusion, Abigail Williams is the most dynamic person in The Crucible because she can be innocent, have mood swings, manipulative, and evil. She turned from innocent to evil throughout the play by falsely accusing others because she wanted to be with a married

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