Essay Human Resource Management and Health Care

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I. Introduction
Human Resource Management is defined as the process of managing human talent to achieve an organization’s objectives (Bohlander & Snell, 2010). A more detailed definition is given by the Society for Human Resource Management which states that “human resource management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruiting, managing, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization” (Schmidt, 2011). The role that human resource management plays is the most vital in all business organizations. This importance is easily seen in running a health care facility. Human resource in health care is important in improving the overall patient health outcomes and the delivery of health care services.
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The origin of human resource departments stem from an overworked administrator who struggled to hire a sufficient number of employees to maintain normal operations. The growth and expansion of the health care system with increasing tasks created a personnel office. Compensation was first delegated to the personnel office, soon to be followed by other legal requirements” (Mathis, 2005).
As the size of the personnel office increased, the name of the department became Human Resources.
III. Challenges
The importance of the human resources department grows with the rise of health care. “Both the number and cost of health care consumables (drugs, prostheses and disposable equipment) are mounting vastly, which in turn is increasing the costs of health care” (Flynn, 2003). In publicly funded systems, expenditures in this area can affect the ability to hire and sustain effective practitioners. “In both government funded and employer paid systems, HRM practices must be developed in order to find the appropriate balance of workforce supply and the ability of those practitioners to practice effectively and efficiently” (Schmidt, 2011). A physician without suitable tools is as useless as having the tools without the physician to use them. “In the United States, HR departments are faced with more struggles in health care facilities due to the rising health care costs, a large and growing number of Citizens without health coverage

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