Importance Of Human Resource Interview

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Bethel Poon:
Through the interview that was conducted, I was able to get a glimpse into the mind of an individual who dealt with various Human Resource tasks for his company. Being a small business owner, he needs to take on many roles in order to keep daily operations running smoothly and successfully. One such role is of a Human Resources manager, who recruits, screens, interviews and on-boards potential employees. Although he stated that it is very rewarding to find an individual who fits into one’s company, it is a long and hard process, especially with a small pool of applicants. I personally have dreams to own and operate my own business, and this interview has given me insight into the Human Resources aspect of that. Hiring an outside
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As mentioned earlier, I would not want to work for a company with little flexibility. Wayne had discussed that he was able to conduct interviews on a casual level, which allowed him to see the person more authentically. With the current company I am employed with, I had to go through four different interview processes in order to obtain the job. It almost felt like jumping through hoops, but I understand the importance of multi-step interviews. Overall, if I were to obtain an HR role, I would prefer to work for a company where I am able to be flexible in the interview process and incorporate my own techniques and expertise when hiring …show more content…
However certain local business tends to thrive such as the company we chose for the interview (Maaco). This learning and interaction with different HR professional over the years has given me an insight into how the job market works in the microscopic level locally. This interaction would give me an idea how to job hunt for new opportunities by specializing in the area of my interest. Human Resource management has played a major role in the work environment in major corporations. As they are not only responsible for the hiring/firing and provide payroll wages to an employee, but they are responsible for the work environment of the company.
In concluding, my perception of a HR manger has completely changed and I believe being a strong team leader and working my way up the ladder will contribute to success in the business goal I plan to achieve. To be successful, I always need to be learning new things as knowledge is evolving every day and this course is just an foretaste to the start of my career.

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