Higher Education Essay

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Adequate student engagement through appropriate learning environments and supporting student to succeed in gaining higher education is the fundamental requirement of every educational institution, but the quality of American higher education since the growth of student campuses is questionable. During the 20th century, national reports were raising the issue of providing non-individual and passive environments on campuses which could not assist students in learning (Kezar & Kinzie, 2006). Furthermore, the educational institutions failed to assist in social or academic integration of transfer or international students, or promote diversity among international students and American students. Without a proper setting that encourages learning …show more content…
However, student differences are not the only variable responsible in determining levels of student engagement because transfer students from community colleges have reported problems with academic integration and social integration (Townsend & Wilson, 2006). In contrast to local students, international students have reported similar experiences, but they have experienced psychological tensions from cultural differences in addition to lack of assistance with integration (Zhao, Kuh, & Carini, 2005). Although evaluations of mission statements from different educational institutions indicate that institutions focus on implementing systems related to their mission statements (Kezar & Kinzie, 2006), successful student integration is obviously a neglected aspect of the higher educational system. The U.S. education system receives the most international students in the world, but most international students report cultural shock which results in stress, anxiety, isolation, and other negative socio-psychological manifestations (Zhao, Kuh, & Carini, 2005). However, research by Zhao, Kuh, and Carini (2005) suggests that international students tend to surpass American students in academic achievements during the

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