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The Fundamental Principles of Aromatherapy: Health Is Beauty

The diverse use in essential oils can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, Europe ,India, and even Asia. In the past, essential oils have been linked to the early inventions of Egyptian cosmetics, perfumes, and initially begin with the Egyptian priest using scented essences as a sign of holiness that could balance mental affiliation that hindered the soul of evil deeds. While the practice of essential oils varies throughout cultures, one fact remains; scented oils have miraculously proven to have healing effects upon the body, mind, and soul. This essay compares and reflects on the different uses of essences throughout history but does not provide an
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In the ancient times beauty was treated as a wellness issue and the Egyptians even used kohl make-up to protect their eyes from eye disease. Analytical Chemistry (a scientific journal) cites: “Egyptians also associated a magic role with cosmetics according to which their bearers would be directly protected by Horus and Ra against illness”. This article goes on to mention that scientist discovered that the Egyptian Kohl make-up contained properties that ward off eye infections. The Egyptians recognized cosmetics as a form of health and so it was used to maintain hygiene. Oils and handmade creams were elaborately applied to the skin along with special oiled fragrances that were believed to add to one’s personal power. The Egyptians had extensive knowledge on the use of oils and different oils were noted for healing properties and different oils were applied to the skin based on various environmental factors. During the 8th century BC the Greece invaded Egypt solely to attain the Egyptian medical knowledge on these mysterious oils. This was around the time essences were spread throughout Europe, however, because the

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