Cover Girl Ad Analysis

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Do you wear make-up? Would you wear the Cover Girl Lash or Volume Exact mascara due to a celebrity like Rihanna is wearing it? Most females, but not all would buy makeup products like the Cover Girl mascara just to test it out to see how it looks. Then there are some females that are big fans of the celebrity and would buy anything that the entertainer is on. I do believe Cover Girl chooses this for their cover to catch the attention of teenage girls and young women. Also, to bring the softness the of background, person on the cover and the how the product works. The Cover Girl Ad has a young black female on the cover. Also, the background has a lavender background with mascara brushes showing on the side. What caught my eyes was the person that was on the cover of the ad and how pretty and extended her lashes were. On the ad it has a lavender background with white letters going across and on the side of the picture. The color’s that was chosen obviously caught the reader’s attention because the color seems calming and had some …show more content…
Rihanna test the both products out and actually shown how they really look on her face when she got done putting on her make-up. They are trying to catch teenage girls and young women’s attention that loves to wear mascara that make their lashes pop. The advertisers want us to think that these two products are the best and make your lashes stand out more than they did before. Now if Rihanna is wear it then it’s definitely a something that every girl or women wants to wear. While viewing at this ad, it’s actually speaking to teenage girls and young ladies that wear mascara. I think it 's an effective way to sell this item to the audience because they are using a celebrity that female loves to actually show off their product. You would kind of want a famous face to show off how the makeup compliments the face and actually shows that it

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