Essay about Good Management for Employees and Customers

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Increase number of customer complaints
Four leadership characteristics:
Managing complaints is not an easy task for any manager’s list of problems. It’s easy to disgrace any work or write complaints. Some times complaints are small or some are big so manager’s need to work with open mind on solving complaints, because these complaints directly or indirectly going to affect the reputation of any organization. To solve complaints we need to go in process. Four characteristics that manager have to keep in mind as leader are-
a. Facilitator guide.
b. Communication.
c. Building confidence.
d. Be optimistic.
Facilitator guide: Leader should guide the team what work we have do, what are our targets and what is the ultimate goal.
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Complain can be of any type verbally or written. It depend on management how they take the complain in positive way by improving themselves or by ignoring and keep on doing the same stuff .five factors which play main role in patient complains are:
a. U didn’t do what you have promised.
b. Bad attitude.
c. Care is not good.
d. Bad management
U didn’t do what you have promised: The kind of services which we have promised to them or written in agreement are not up to the mark. They are not getting facilities which we are bound to offer them. Not looking after them, not giving them importance. In hospital GP are not coming on time they have to wit more then the expected time, not getting blood reports on time, equipments are not new.
Bad Attitude: Staff not dealing with the patients in a professional manner, not treating them with dignity and giving them good hospitality .Staff is not giving adequate concern to their presenting problems of the clients. Non committal behaviour towards professional responsibilities by staff.
Bad management: Management is not enough capable of handling the thing in organized way. They are not recruiting staff with knowledge and experience or they are allotting them wrong jobs, not giving any training to new employees. Time management is not good, not feedback from patient, not telling their employees what they expect from them at job.
Care is not good: Hospitals are mainly known for their care and services and if

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