Ghost Children of San Antonio Essay

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Ghost Children of San Antonio

The legend of the Ghost Children of San Antonio dates back to the first half of the 20th century, with the majority of accounts placing its origins within a period extending from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. The story is based on a supposed freak accident involving a school bus full of children. As the story goes, the school bus stalled over a set of train tracks and was subsequently hit by an oncoming freight train, killing everyone on board the bus. (Weiser) Not soon after this grisly event, it was said that, should anyone park their car on the very same train tracks and place the gears in neutral, the car will roll uphill (seemingly defying gravity) off of the train tracks to a safe distance away.
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Anyway, if you park your car on these tracks and put it in neutral, you’ll notice your car begin to move like…uphill. The ghosts of the children push your car off the tracks so you won’t die like they did. A lot of kids have tried it, and, just to prove it, have sprinkled baby powder on the rear bumper. Well according to my friend they always seem to find tiny handprints in the powder…you know, from the ghosts. Well I don’t believe in this kind of stuff, but she swears it’s true and some of my other friends that grew up in New York said they heard the same exact thing.

The tale has several common variations, most of which involve differences in how the ghost children’s handprints are discovered on the rear bumper. For example, some versions of the tale explain that the car’s rear bumper is already dusty from driving on a dirt road; other versions explain that it is early in the morning, and the accumulated dew on the rear bumper suffices to reveal the ghostly handprints. (Mikkelson) Another common variation in the tale is the decade in which the bus accident takes place, ranging from the 1930’s (Legends of America) to the 1950’s. (Redmond) The most crucial element of the story, however, is the accident involving the school bus full of children. Most sources state

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