Arguments For And Against Zoo Analysis

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Literature is all around us. It is prominent and used in all studies to gain connections. One connection is to compare Literature to Real World situations or world problems. Authors always have a source of inspiration from some other work of literature and or situations occurring in the past, present, or future. In some cases, fiction or drama literature sometimes has underlying themes or realities that are current to today’s societies. The author could take a real-world situation into a fictional event in order to gain awareness of a certain current event or to imagine the reader in a world that is present and different from our daily routine.
Many authors try to incorporate every day lessons or argument into their literature. One famous contemporary
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In About News’s website, they name several arguments for and against animal rights in zoos. They first argue that zoos promote awareness for a species and that zoos can be educational tools to learn about a certain species (“A List of Arguments for and Against Zoos”). When visiting a zoo, the visitors can learn more about the animals, which creates a sense of helping the animals. Visitors are more prone to donate to their zoo or animal rights charity because they read all the facts and information on their extinctions and predators on their sign near their habitat. About News even mentions that the endangered species in the zoos can be safe from all predators and can hopefully reproduce to bring them out of endangerment (“A List of Arguments for and Against Zoos”). In the book, the animals are struggling to survive and resort to eating their companions on the tarpaulin. Here in this situation in the novel when the Hyena eats the zebra and orangutan would most likely not happen in the wild if they Hyena had their other sources of protein and food. According to Animal, they Hyena can eat insects, birds, snakes, and leftover remains of animals ("What Do Hyenas Eat in the Wild | Hyenas Diet”). With Pi and all the animals left on the ocean, it is hard to access land animals so that Hyena had to resort to the leftover animals aboard. …show more content…
PETA believes that zoos are exploitation over education. They believe that people look briefly at an exhibit and will move on to a more favorable species than actually learning about the species in front of them. PETA quotes that one study of visitors to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., showed that visitors spent less than eight seconds per snake exhibit and only one minute with the lions. Researchers concluded, “People … treat the exhibits like wallpaper” (“Zoos: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone"). PETA mentions the researchers quote to show that people thought of the animals as an object or no respect at all. Some of the visitors leave the conservation and zoo with the idea that a species must not be in jeopardy because they are in a zoo and a zoo can carry any species in a well-maintained area. Pi then argues that if they did not have any of the resources that they have in the zoo, they could not survive and possibly could not adapt to their new surroundings. “Animals that are kept in unsuitable enclosures are the most obvious example. Every animal has particular habitat needs that must be met. If its enclosure is too sunny or too wet or too empty, if its perch is too high or too exposed…then the animal will not be in peace” (Martel 40). The zoo has regulations that they need to abide by in order to keep zoos clean and well

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