Zoochosis In Zoo Animals

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Stepping inside a zoo is like setting foot in the wild; with the only difference that the animals are enclosed behind bars and some are within a distance for public safety. Zoo animals, who are held in captivity, are restrained from having the freedom they were evolved to take advantage from because they are preserved for public education and amusement. What may seem like a friendly establishment for wild animals is in reality a park where animals: are used for “educational” purposes, are deprived from having an adequate environment where they can act like animals, suffer from stereotypical behaviors where their behaviors alternate, and are considered to be money makers rather than animals who are being preserved. When humans enjoy visitations …show more content…
Enclosed spaces cause animals to suffer of boredom and repeated behaviors. Zoochosis is exactly that, it is when “Animals are frustrated in confinement, and show obsessive behaviour such as constant pacing or self-mutilation,” (Khanna Bosky, Zoos drive animals out of their minds). Animals who demonstrate this behavior are inclined to hurt themselves and even others around them including people. When animals are exposed to the daily routine in a compact environment like zoos, they drive themselves crazy as they pace themselves back and forth in boredom. Zoochosis drives animals to venture for freedom, as they try to escape no matter the circumstances. Khana Bosky states that, “Their condition in captivity is comparable to institutionalised mentally ill human patients. The boredom and loss of control over their lives drives sensitive animals out of their minds.” The consequences animals face during this type of stereotypical behavior are deadly. When frustrated animals escape their cages or enclosed environment in a zoo they desperately run freely hurting themselves and the public. However, at the end they pay the price. Once they escape and start hurting themselves and others, they are usually the ones who end up being shot and dead. Yet, where are their rights as animals; what right do they possess when they only strived for freedom not death in an environment that keeps them locked up. Zoos need to realize that instead of killing animals who posses this behavior, they should find out what aspects of their environment is causing it. Animals need stimulation and physical activities for their bodies to relieve stress and boredom. If one visits a zoo today, there may be a possibility that one will witness an animal with this type of neurotic behavior. Animals such as tigers and lions pacing themselves back and

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