Essay on Abortion: Women Have A Choice

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One of the most deliberated topics of modern society; is it just life, or is it truly alive? Does it adhere to moral standards or abolish the common good? Should it even be legal under the confines of our laws and regulations? If I was to tell someone to stop fishing, just because I thought it was wrong, it would seem unconstitutional that I would even attempt to withdraw rights to our freedom. Abortion is a personal issue and should be dealt with by the person, not the courts. A better example would be to take a hypothetical situation consisting of a 17-year-old girl, trying for her education. She always uses birth control but she just so happens to fall into the small percentage of birth control failure. She always wanted kids, but not …show more content…
Are pregnant women merely carriers of children? We do have a moral obligation to all living things, but if their survival depends on the needs of an actual person, we have to give priority to human beings. We can’t protect a fetus and consider the mother expendable. Another situation that arises from the abolishment of abortion is contraceptives. Birth control pills don’t prevent fertilization, but instead prevent the implantation of an already fertilized egg. In some areas of the US and Canada, fetuses, from the moment of fertilization, are considered “persons”. This means that birth control pills could be made illegal due to the fact that they are destroying, what is widely considered, a life. Birth control pills are not only one of the most popular, but one of the most effective as well. If these were outlawed, women would be forced to use less reliable forms of birth control, resulting in an increase of pregnancy amongst the population and the need for abortion would be even greater. Probably the most important factor to be considered is that outlawing abortion is not going to stop it from happening. Years ago, most of the united states had laws that prohibited abortions. But, because women now had no legal way of terminating

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