Essay on Abortion is Never Justified

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Abortion is Never Justified

As a Roman Catholic Christian, I believe abortion is wrong in most cases. Although in some cases abortion can be justified.

I believe abortion is the killing of an innocent child. This is not just because I am a Roman Catholic, but because I have examined both points of view and have found that the reasons for having an abortion do not out weigh moral justification that abortion is right. In this remaining part of this coursework, I will be examining the different views on the topic of whether abortion is right or wrong and the reasons behind the different views on abortion.

I believe that abortion is wrong up to a certain extent because God is the creator of
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If a woman ended up having more than one child, abortion would be suggested. I believe that abortion is not a solution to population control, even in the direst state of circumstances. Many groups of people including organisations such as the PCA (which is open to anyone from all different religious backgrounds), believe that a woman's right to an abortion is primarily her own. They believe this because a right to an abortion is a right to the control of ones own body. They also may suggest examples to back up their belief. For example, they may suggest that if a woman was to twist her ankle, it is not up to anyone else but herself whether or not she uses crutches. I personally, do not believe that aborting a child and twisting one's ankle are comparable, as they are completely two different issues. The issue of having an abortion carries heavy moral implication due to the way that society views such action. It tends to bare upon the Although, in some cases abortion could be justifiable. For example rape. I believe that rape is a terrible injustice to a woman. I believe because of this abortion can be justified. At the same time, even if the circumstances of how the baby was conceived were wrong, it still does not change the evil of abortion. Furthermore, the baby is innocent and has committed no crime. Why should the child die for the crime of the

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