Essay about A Case Study - Weight Watchers International, Inc

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Weight Watchers International, Inc.

A Case Study

The History of Weight Watchers International, Inc. Weight Watchers International, Inc. was founded in 1961 by Jean Nidetch, who had found herself constantly on a diet but never losing any weight. Knowing she needed more she attended a diet seminar. Ms. Nidetch lost 20 pounds after the seminar, but soon found her motivation dwindling. She invited some friends over who sympathized with her battle of the bulge and they began to share with the group their struggles with food. The group of women began to lose weight and within a short time Nidetch was hosting more than 40 people in her apartment for these support group meetings. Weight Watchers International, Inc. is an
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Foreign government regulations may restrict certain abilities of the company to operate or acquire new business in the country.

Porter’s 5 forces

Threat of new entrants

There are no other brands that have the longevity that Weight Watchers does or the vibrant on-line community currently enjoying the ease of use and privacy. The company has a proven track record of supporting weight loss and management of weight loss goals. Weight Watchers customers are loyal and are engaged in their weight loss management. The on-line environment made it easy for those who did not or could not attend weekly meetings with the same information as those who attended the meeting. Weight Watchers International, Inc takes an integrated approach to weight loss that includes healthier eating habits and a supportive environment.
Weight Watchers International, Inc. was owned by H.J. Heinz Company that produces the Weight Watchers, Smart One brands of foods. Suppliers have little power because of the amount of suppliers of the ingredients of these products. Weight Watchers could simply go to the next farmer for the vegetables they prepare and package.
Personal support is a large part of Weight Watchers does, they hold regular meetings giving the latest and greatest information, that includes weigh-ins. The customers have a large effect on this business as was seen in the 1990’s

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