Goodlife Fitness Case Study

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Goodlife fitness is a for- profit company and is the largest gym in the world privetly owned and operated by one person (CITATION). Goodlife is considered part of the service industry and is a health and fitness company. Goodlife’s core buisness provides a service that allows members to use their gym and equipment to exercise for 30$-60$ a month depending on locations and add-ons (CITATION). The secondary business provides personal training, physiotherapy, acupunture, massage therapy, chiropractor, orthopedic services, tanning, and towel service (CITATION).
David Patchell Evens started Goodlife in an 800 square foot space in London Ontario in 1979. Goodlife is now in 365 locations in Canada making it the largest
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I believe they have followed through with their mission statement as they are the most convenient and accessible gym in the country by being opened 24 hours a day and by having the most gym locations in Canada. Goodlife also offers a variety of fitness classes and educated trainers to help people live a fit and healthy good life. One other way I believe Goodlife has gone above and beyond their mission statement is by donating to charities. They have started multiple charities, one for the Cardiovascular Institute in Toronto, which they donated five million to, and to an autism research organization in London and in British Columbia which they have donated five million to each (CITATION). Goodlife also started the Goodlife kids foundation which has impacted the life of 250 000 Canadian kids to date (CITATION). These are just some of the measures that good life takes to ensure they have adhered to their mission statement. Goodlife continues to ensure Canadians, North Americans and people around the world live a healthy lifestyle conveniently and efficiently along with donating to charities which will help cure and prevent childhood obesity cardiovascular disease and …show more content…
They have many new creative and innovative ideas such as gyms in airports and grocery stores, along with Fit 4 Less where they can recycle their old equipment, and tap into a low cost fitness market to compete with planet fitness. They are the only provider in Canada that offers Les Mills classes as they received the contract exclusively. Along with their own fit fix circuit training program and there own area to do crossfit they are always making sure to compete with the newest trends and stay creative and innovative. The industry they are in is gigantic and growing. The fitness industry is an 82 billion dollar industry while the health and wellness industry is a 350 billion dollar market (CITATION). Also there is a health push in North America right now where people are trying to live healthier life styles by eating right and exercising and research demonstrating the need for the aging population to stay active and healthy. I believe Goodlife is doing great things with their charities such as helping cure childhood obesity, by starting foundations to help autism and with their work treat and cure cardiovascular disease. I believe their help with charities goes along great with their mission statement and shows they care about their communities and the people in

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