Morgan Brady's Textbook Connection: Classroom Analysis

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1. I would use Morgan Brady’s Textbook Connection in my classroom, which is a name activity. This identifies the origin of each student’s name, then children color the origin on the map and children discuss the culture of their names. I enjoy this activity because students are engaged and they learn each student has their own culture.
2. I would use Serena Browns Textbook Connection in my classroom, which is creating a student portfolio. I chose this connection because it is a long term record of student progress and it is an exciting way for students to review their work and for teachers to assess the class. This is also a great way for ELL students to express their creativity through projects, rather than papers and speaking in class.
3. I would use Justice White’s Textbook Connection in my
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I would use Sierra Adam’s literature book, “Elena’s Serenade,” in my classroom. This is when a little girl wants to be a glass blower, and nobody believes in her. I would use this in my classroom because if I have a student with a Hispanic background, they may be able to relate to the story and other students will understand their culture on a personal basis. Also, this activity inspires students and helps the realize they can be anything they want to be.
2. I would use Taylor Witte’s literature book, “My food, Your Food.” I greatly enjoy this activity because it provides the opportunity to create a class cookbook. This is a great way for students to be immersed in other cultures, have respect for each culture and classmate, and provide parental involvement.
3. I would use Kelsey Stausbaugh’s literature book, “The Keeping Quil.” This is because students will learn about their family’s traditions during the parental activity by talking to their parents and learning what other students may do differently them for special occasions. Also, this helps ELL students realize everyone has their own unique culture and they will most likely find several similarities.

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