Xerox Co. Diversity Essay examples

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How would Xerox define diversity? How has its definition changed over the years?
In business , diversity has seen action in the managing of human resource as essential capital in fostering businesses at a global scale . Diversity is also seen as a concept where differences can be a powerful resource . Based on the Case facts, Xerox value diversity as the most priceless resource to drive the company towards achieving its goals.
According to Xerox Chairman & former CEO, Anne M. Mulcahy, diversity is not just about race, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. She and the staff believed that diversity provide an environment for employee to grow for their fullest potential. Employee with different ways
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Compare Xerox to other Fortune 500 companies. How are woman and minorities represented at highest levels of each organization? How can these statistics be improved upon?
An important factor to be considered when comparing Xerox to other is that the competitor should have same or similar nature of business. Our group chose to compare Xerox Corporation to Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Even Xerox and Ricoh have the same nature of business yet these companies are completely different. We believe the difference due to approach used to achieve the company aspirations.
Below are some critical comparison between these two company : DESCRIPTION | XEROX | RICOH | Nature of business | technology and services enterprise, which develops, manufactures, markets, services and finances a range of document equipment, software, solutions and services | Number of employee | 130,000 | 108,525 | Total Revenue (2009) | 15.179 billion | 10.380 billion | Fortune 500 rank | 144 | 356 | Senior Executive Officer | Heterogeneous | Homogeneous |

Based on research done by our group, we discovered that composition in top management between Xerox and Ricoh are contradictory. As Xerox practice diversity in every aspect of their organization, their top management composition show that they really meant it. Top management in Xerox represent by a mixture of people including women and minorities, and top two positions which is the chairman and chief executive officer represented

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