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Gandhi (n.d.). said The future depends on what you do today’. This essay will look at factors that influence the general environment and how this will have a vigorous impact on Wellington Hospital as a business in the next 10 to 15 years. Firstly, it will look at how the sociocultural environment can be a contributing element in achieving organisational goals. Next, it will discuss the relationship between economic conditions and the influence exerted on the hospital. Lastly, it will examine how the constant evolution of technology can affect a desired outcome. The future of an organisation can largely depend on the quality and emphasis on creating as much of a diverse sociocultural staffing line-up as attainable.

Aspiring for a diverse staffing
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Employees exposed to cultures other than their own, will learn to think outside the box, while learning to understand others’ point of view. An advantage of having a multicultural healthcare industry, is having staff members who can care for, talk and relate to patients of the same ethnicity. This type of communication creates a sense of belonging and acceptance within the patient, which generates a positive experience for the service provided. Anyone exposed to a variety of cultures may grow culturally curious. Thus, a person may want to extend the knowledge and undertake further study. A culturally-knowledgeable work team, brings further opportunities for the organisation such as restructuring and expansion. These positive factors also influence positive social interaction, creating a positive working environment. A healthy, happy workplace makes staff feel valued, creating a loyalty to that company. A loyal staff member is unlikely to leave, resulting in a low staff turnover, therefore, controlling the stabilisation of the organisation. A variety of viewpoints increases adaptability by providing a range of solutions to a single problem. Adaptability is also increased when a manager can identify subordinate

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