Workplace Diversity

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3. Workplace consists people that work together to reach the goals of their organization. As a leader, we need to be able to manage them to meet the organization goals. The individuals who work in an organization are diverse not just by sex, belief, race, ethnic, but also in backgrounds, age, and many more aspects. Therefore, it is important for leaders to acknowledge this diversity issue, so they could create conducive communication and the positive working environment in order to pursue the organization goals, especially in this globalization era.
Bucher (2010) says that the company and employees who value diversity in the workplace can help to cooperate and improve the quality of their product and service, and these situations contribute
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They have values of team building, employee appreciation, community service and fostering a great work-life environment are all part of a multi-faceted culture employees experience for more than 60 years. Their values in diversity have a beneficial impact on their business as they can understand their clients during a life-changing event or an accident or illnesses. From this information, we could see that diversity has the important role in Aflac and their understanding of diversity helps them while engaging with stakeholders with different backgrounds. (Source: …show more content…
Having diverse employees, business partners and community relationships are vital to creating advanced aerospace products and services for our diverse customers around the world. This, in turn, increases productivity, quality, creativity, and innovation. They have internal programs and events that are designed to work together to support diversity such as monthly heritage commemorations and regional diversity summits. Their awareness of diversity has led them to have recognition from society, not just as an employer, but also the employee gained the honor of diversity application in the workplace. Being aware of their dependency in the diversity of individuals and as an international company, Boeing implemented them in company policy and the company 's obligation so it becomes formal and keeps them conscious about diversity. It shows that they fully understand very well in what diversity mean and making it as a policy means the company and employee want to commit and maintain their business in this changing global economy. (Source:

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