Significance And Meaning Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Table of Contents
1) What is the significance of ‘Diversity in the workplace’?
2) Why do you need a diverse workforce?
3) Companies and their strategies to strike a balance
4) Conclusion
5) Bibliography 1. Significance and meaning of diversity in the workplace
Gone are the days, where the word ‘Western’ meant a large population born and raised in the Americas. A culture or a tradition is a root level learning from the background one belongs to. Now the trends have changed, as successful countries and companies are those which marches ahead, taking in strides the different cultures, traditions, religions, etc. and creates a winning atmosphere for including everyone to grow. Canada is one country, which respects and blends in different
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In the ever growing competition, they would like to maximize their profits and use the best possible resources to achieve them. As explained earlier, globalization is just not possible without inclusion of a diverse workforce. The best advantage would be of companies which have multicultural, accepting and inclusion policy. Some advantages of having a diverse workforce are: Understanding and connecting with customers, motivation of employees, innovation of employees, retention of talented work pool, continuous improvement …show more content…
Has been an active member of ‘Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council 's’ for mentoring different immigrated population, giving them a basic knowledge of Canadian culture, basic policies and leadership lessons. KPMG also launched the inaugural women 's leadership conference, which helped train and develop female employees for probable leadership positions across various industries.3
Jazz Aviation: Employees are encouraged to promote inclusivity. An award program has been formulated namely ‘Diversity Champions Award’ for employees promoting inclusivity. They have a monthly meeting to discuss on diversity and inclusion and some best practices which the employees may have come across. A dedicated aboriginal group has been set up in support of the aboriginal employees. They have a total of 41% of women employees, a rate better than a lot of other firms.3
Manitoba Hydro: An interesting program which they have rolled out for the past 10 years is ‘Acquired Brain Injury Program’ where any person who have suffered a severe brain injury, would be trained, assessed and coached back into the job. Project ‘search’ has been launched to help high school students suffering from intellectual disability get insightful

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