The Three Concepts Of Recruitment, Training, And Workplace Diversity

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Introduction to the Topic
This paper combines the three concepts that Group 4 has considered most important. As a group we choose the three concepts of recruitment, training, and workplace diversity. In addition this paper discusses the important strategies that can be implemented to make organizations successful.
Group Consensus
In companies, the acquisition of human talent and human intelligence is vital to the furtherance of success in any company. Thus, recruitment should be heralded by HRM personnel. Recruitment precedes every other step in the hiring process. Satterlee (2013) points out that during this process, companies collect, review, and sift through resumes in order to amass a group of well qualified applicants (p. 195). Moreover, the resumes can be collected in many ways internally, from employees that currently work for the organization or externally, from candidates whom do not work for the organization. If companies seek to fill a position both internally and externally, Wilson (2014) advises that it is important for HRM personnel to equally consider all candidates, and not favor internal employees as doing so could cause the company to miss out on talent (p. 184).
Just as companies collect talent to strengthen their workforce, God asks His people to spread the gospel in order to build and uplift His kingdom. In Matthew 28:19-20 (NLT), God, through Jesus, commands: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in…

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