Pros And Cons Of Talent Management And Intrapreneurship

Organizations talent management and intrapreneurship

Today, most companies try to create an environment that will give more space for employees to explore their own new ideas. If the idea looks in line with the company vision, the employee might get an opportunity to become an intrapreneur. In the past, someone with these skills and a desire for this type of thinking would most likely be part of a startup.
In today’s complex global environment large organizations have to manage the best workforce they can recruit in order to be a sustainable company. Recruiting and managing this type of workforce is a challenge mainly because of the talent shortage (Stahl et al., 2012). As a result of these many personal are focusing on the important subject
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You can choose the direction, you choose your hours, and you are in charge of the culture of your company and the company vision. On the other hand, you need constantly search for clients and new opportunities so besides being a professional you also need to be good in marketing to be able to make a profit.
But owning a business isn't for everybody. For every successful company, there are other ten that failed. There is a lot of stress. For some people - being an entrepreneur isn't the best choice. Instead, you'd be better off being an intrapreneur, acting as an entrepreneurial but for somebody else. Using initiatives and big picture thinking and doing everything you can do to add to the company bottom line.
So why did I decided to go back and work for a company? Because working for someone else means you still get to learn, you get room to make mistakes and try new things on someone else's risk. You also get paid, regularly and without the need to chase up invoices. I have also choose to work for a company in order to test ideas, learn from mistakes and prepare myself better to be able to reopen my own business .So until my wife makes the first million I'll still be an

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