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What Makes a “Best” Company for Minorities?
A company who embraces workplace diversity and inclusion makes a “best” company for minorities. Workplace diversity entails recognizing and understanding the positive values, skills, and ideas an individual can bring to the workplace based on his or her ability, and not being judged or discriminated against because of his or her disability, age, beliefs, ethnic and cultural background, gender. “An inclusive workplace is one where the human rights principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy are promoted and are part of the organization’s everyday goals and behavior” (EHRC, 2010, p. 3). Furthermore, diversity relates to individual diversity and how people differ in various ways, such as education level, social background, and
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The approach taken by the aforementioned leading minority-friendly companies entailed demonstrating practices that supported all-encompassing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Several of the companies’ key attributes included; diversity among board members, comparable pay among executives regardless of ethnic group and/or gender, a corporate culture which continually advertises diversity and inclusion, and promotes a family-friendly workplace environment. The accolades and diversity practices listed for these organizations were not all-inclusive and were based on information noted within the past five years. Nonetheless, the information to date proved effective toward receiving numerous accolades for the diversity and inclusion categories or being identified as a “best” company for minorities and

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