Writing Is Like The Game Of Basketball Essay

877 Words Jan 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Turning in a thought out, grade-changing essay moments before it is due is no different than releasing a perfect, game winning three-point-shot at the end of a basketball game-- and watching it sail through the net. In so many ways writing is like the game of basketball. Prewriting stretches the creative portion of the brain much akin to the way physically stretching loosens up every tendon, muscle, and ligament before a game. Each quarter embodies its own unique shots, transitions, perks and downfalls, just like a paragraph in a draft. Even the final, nail-biting moments of a game resemble the gritty, conclusive ending to a well written paper.
Last semester while writing for my history class, I experienced writer’s block at its finest. The annoyance that is writers block is no different from a pesky, overzealous defender. Any good defender know the basis of the defensive roll: to stop the offense from doing what they want to do. In comparison, the psychological phenomena known as writer’s block does just that to any seasoned or novice-level writer. In basketball, the most foolproof way to evade a pesky defender is to use your teammates. Similarly, when experiencing writer’s block, I got through it he only way I knew how; by using my colleagues and classmates. Despite the setback, using friends to look over a paper and produce foreign ideas just might make the difference between an uninspired, pasted together piece of work, and an emotional, flowing masterpiece. All in all,…

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