College Basketball Essay

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In December 1891, Dr. James Naismith created a game called basketball. Basketball is defined as a game played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court having a raised basket at each end, with points being scored by shooting the ball through the opponent 's basket. Since 1891, basketball has taken the world over by storm. From the United States of America to China, basketball is among the most popular sports to play and watch in the world. Dr. Naismith created this game in Springfield, Massachusetts as a safer alternative to football. He raised two peach baskets to create the first basketball hoops and made a leather basketball with cloth linings and a rubber inside. Over a century later and basketball has become more than a …show more content…
March Madness has become its own phenomenon,it’s not just a cool and catchy nickname.This tournament is held by NCAA to determine the best D1 college basketball team in America. Whoever wins this championship is declared the National Champion of college basketball and their team goes down in history as one of the greatest ever basketball teams to play in their University 's history. It’s the equivalent to the winning the Super Bowl to the NFL. The best part about March Madness is the interaction with the fans. Every year, brackets are made by the NCAA for fans to predict who will win each game in every round of the tournament. There are 68 teams that compete in this major tournament and there are 6 rounds of games played. If a school loses, they are eliminated along with their hopes and dreams of becoming National Champions. The popularity of this tournament has grown over the years and so has the profit made by the NCAA over this phenomenon. As you can imagine, betting is extremely popular during this tournament. Nowadays, betting and March Madness go hand and hand. Even major celebrities such as Warren Buffet host bracket challenges to anyone who wishes to enter. If they get their entire bracket correct, they win 1 billion dollars. Unfortunately no one has won yet, but that’s not the only bracket challenge people compete in. In 2014, Americans spent over 9 billion dollars on March Madness wagers. Unfortunately, the college basketball players who actually play in this tournament don’t make any

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