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The topic I have researched and collected data on was that middle schools should return middle school basketball. This is a topic ideal to my soul as basketball is a wonderful sport filled with opportunity and future. Furthermore millions people are in touch with this topic due to basketball being a crucial part of countless people 's lives, not to mention all across the country middle schools are cutting basketball from their school. This is an awful problem now that a large portion of students need the structure of basketball at their school, second numerous students need the exercise since they are not getting enough exercise on their own time seeing that they have no incentive to live actively. Without a doubt there needs to contain structure …show more content…
So what will I do to make this a possibility for countless students anticipating basketball in their middle school lives? To kick start things I will make a survey asking the opinions of the parents in my local school district, Adams 12 about their opinions on middle school basketball. When I receive this data I will discuss the numbers with the school board and make a pi chart of parents who want middle school basketball in America. I will discuss the uniforms and even discuss affordable rates for parents to send their students to the team. In a matter of time I hope to have most middle schools in the nation on board with my idea. I hope to impact thousands upon thousands of lives in the positive manner. My dream is to have no middle schools in the nation have no organized and competitive basketball system. I hope to make it like Catholic schools middle school basketball system with tournaments and organized schedules. In all honesty, I wish middle school basketball would start to settle in within weeks of this information. I hope to contact all school boards in Colorado to fulfill this for Coloradans but hopefully the entire nation. This is what I will work towards and I am confident that America will see public middle school basketball leagues sprouting up within the next 5

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