Compare And Contrast Soccer And Basketball

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The struggle between sports will always exist amongst the fans. Fans will debate that their sport is better than the next. The best ways to distinguish the sports are by action, the live play, and the amount of skills needed to succeed in the sport. The most common comparison is football and soccer, however the real similarities to soccer are shown in basketball. I am here to say that soccer and basketball are very similar, in ways of multiple skills that are used, including tackling, intercepting, shooting, and blocking, the set up of the rules (out of bounds, overtime, illegal ball handling), the federations behind the sports (MLS and NBA), the team sport aspect as well as the individual play, and the overall speed of play. Soccer has more …show more content…
In both of these organizations, the players need to be able to pass to each other as well as set each other up and ultimately score a point, and keep the other team from scoring. However we cannot forget the individual aspect of the games. In basketball after getting fouled the player needs to stand at the free-throw line and shoot to score alone. Soccer has a trait that is very much alike; in soccer if the player gets fouled in the box the player get a penalty, which is where you put the ball down on the penalty spot, and the player has the opportunity to shoot at the goal alone. The biggest similarity is the speed of play, both sports have very little stops to the game, so both sports get a real flow and do not stop every ten seconds. Although the two sports are not usually linked, as shown the sports have more in common than people actually believe. Both the MLS and the NBA set up their leagues and rules similarly, the average soccer player and basketball player both need to be able to pass, shoot, block and intercept. The biggest common similarity is the speed of play; both sports are live and are not subject to so many stops. Basketball and soccer are both great sports for a team and individually, both are similar in more ways than

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