Writing Assignments Are The Most Stressful, Hardest, And Most Annoying Type Of Work

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Writing assignments are the most stressful, hardest, and most annoying type of work I have ever had! My first story to prove my thesis came in the form of a demonstrative speech I had to write for my speech class, where for the life of me, I could not even pick a topic. Though writing my speech was difficult, a harder example of this came as a process essay for my English 101 class. Still, these two examples prove minimal when compared to the horrendous onslaught that became my English 101 Mid Term Exam! Yes, writing assignments are indeed my Kryptonite, and now allow me to explain in greater detail of what makes these tasks so evil! My project was to complete a demonstration during a speech, and I just couldn’t pick a topic. Try as I may, I kept coming up empty. As more time went by, my stress level rose and rose, so I decided to put it off for a while to let a topic come to me, but it just wasn’t working. I didn’t understand how I could complete the hardest of tasks in the garage with ease, but a five minute speech was just beyond my grasp. To make it worse, we had to use props, which I have never done before. Now this was the least of the three examples, so let me tell you about my demonstrative essay for my English 101 Class! As was the theme for most of my stressors, I wasted tons of time just trying to come up with a topic for this essay. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I hate wasting time. Still, no matter what I did, a little voice played…

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