Writing And Writing Of Writing Essay

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Composing Process I recently started back to school after many years of working. Although assigned writing is a little stressful for me, I am attempting to get used to it. I like to think I am a fun person to talk to, however I do not feel I am an entertaining writer by any means. Writing is a great challenge to me because writing restricts facial expressions, tone of voice and hand gestures in which I use very frequently while speaking. This poses a problem as I try to organize and arrange sentences to reflect how I would actually say them in person. I do not really have a firm routine when writing or preparing to write, but there are a few things that I do to help me to think about and process my writing tasks.
The hardest part of writing to me is to decide on an interesting subject matter that I will want to spend a copious amount of time on. After finding the right subject I struggle with the task of beginning the paper and then knowing when and how to end it. While writing, I do not have a problem wrinkling up a project and starting completely over. This has not happened often, but I don’t mind it and I think of it as starting anew, with fresh ideas on a new slate. To begin my writing process, I will usually be in my bedroom with several pillows behind my back as I sit on my bed. The bedroom light and the bedside lamp are both on to allow as much light as possible to work with. I seem to be more productive late in the evening and unfortunately at bedtime. I feel…

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