Writing An Essay About My Personal Experience

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Writing an essay can be troublesome at times, along with other schoolwork assignments to be turned in, there 's a life outside of school as well to be had. This being my official first semester of college I knew a majority of the assignments would be writing essays’. Trust me I know, for some it comes easy; some students can receive the writing assignment and have a paper done the same day. Some of us are not as fortunate, others struggle to compose a sentence, a paragraph, much less a two or three page essay. Everyone has their own writing process, pet peeves, rituals, pre-rituals. Here are some of my personal experiences taking the daunting task of the infamous, "essay".

Let me start with the environment that I’m subjected to, I’m the dad to 3 wonderful kids and a beautiful fiancé, whom I’ve known for going on 5 years. I’m currently working full-time and take two online classes. I have a handful trust me I know, it’s not easy. I come home from work, eat be a dad for a little bit, take my shoes off, relax then I say a prayer and prepare for battle. I’m a student now, I tell myself. “Let’s do this,” talking to myself quietly. I stretch out because I know there will be a lot of sitting in one position for a long amount of time. Then I gather all of the materials that I require for the task at hand. I’m a bit old school, I personally like to use the good old fashion pen and paper, can’t go wrong with that. Just can’t seem to familiarize myself with pencils much, they break…

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