Writing A Theme Of A Poem Essay

1116 Words May 20th, 2016 5 Pages
This school year I enjoyed this English class because it was not very difficult, but it was not easy at all. This year we did so many assignments and some of them were analyzing poems, emulating poems, writing a theme of a poem, presenting a speech in class and then working as a group to create a chapter.
I believe that I have grown throughout this school year. I have grown as a listener because back then I was not used to listening to poems without having a paper right in front of me. Now I am more comfortable with listening to speeches or poems without having the paper in my hand.
Last year I never enjoyed working with others because it is extremely hard to write with others. I always preferred to work by myself. This year I had no choice and I had to work as a group to create a chapter. At first it was so difficult for us because we all have different styles of writing, and you have to know how the others write. It is hard because some people do not want to put in any effort while others are trying to receive a good grade. I learned this year that you should not depend on anyone, even though it is a group project you have to have a back up. I learned that you should assign each person a part in the project, but if they do not do it you have no choice than to try and finish it with the ones that want to pass. Although it could be difficult it was a great experience because now I know that when working in a group project you should assign each individual a part and…

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