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Running Head: Continuity and Transformation across All Art Periods

Final Project: Continuity and Transformation across All Art Periods
Ansamma Paul
Thomas Edison State College

Grade 60%

Question: Through the ages, artistic activity has often been focused in particular cities or groups of cities. Three of these concentrations stand out, each representative of a different time and era in the history of Western art:

• The Rome-Florence-Venice triangle (Renaissance and High Renaissance) • Paris (Impressionism and Post-Impressionism) • New York (Abstract Expressionism).
Consider all three locales and discuss artists, works of art, and historic periods
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Continuity and transformation has been the core theme of all art periods as it was through the inspiration in seeing the works of others that one could create his/her own art. This is especially evident in the three main art periods such as the Renaissance, Impressionism, and Expressionism. In looking at the comparisons between three “Madonna and Child” iterations of the Renaissance era, for example, we see Cimabue, Duccio, and Giotto partaking in continuity, all learning from each other and even from the early Byzantine Fra Filippo Lippi: Cimabue's "Madonna of the Holy Trinity" (Soltes, L15, 11:54) shows the Virgin with her Child surrounded by a host of angels, Duccio's "Maesta" (Soltes, L15, 13:02) likewise presents the holy ones with an increased reverence with its army of saints, and it also shows a flowing continuity from Fra Lippi (Soltes, L16, 13:30); and in the image of Giotto's "Virgin and Child" (Soltes, L15, 16:26), the singular Mary and her Child are equally drawn with reverence as noted by the halos and the three-fingered gesture by Jesus. This continuation in the sacer is modified over the years by the removal of the gold-plated background yet retaining the halos and the basic tenets that make an art sacer-like. In addition to this Rome-Florence-Venice triangle, perhaps the works of the three most famous artists cannot be missed. Donatello, Verrocchio, and

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