World Wildlife Fund Is A Non Profit And Non Government Organization

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World Wildlife Fund In today society, people commercialize everything from clothing, food, and drinks to cars, insurances, etc. Their sole purpose is to market their product out to world and attract customer. However, there are certain commercials whose purpose is to inform the audience, express concern or to start a movement. Most of the nonprofit or fundraising organizations would be perfect example. Encourage people to donate money to good causes is the sole purpose of these organizations’ commercials. These good causes can be for animal, children in third world, or environmental issues, etc. Specifically, World Wildlife Fund’s commercial, “together possible”, effectively delivers its purpose by setting loving atmosphere from animal images, emphasizing the ideas of together, and guiding the audience with various of actions. World Wildlife Fund is a non-profit and non-government organization found in April 29, 1961, Morges, Switzerland. This organization was created with only one mission that was and is to help preserving nature and protecting wildlife. It is one of the largest non-profit organization having over five million supporters across the world. Much of their work focused on focused on conserving forest, safeguarding ocean and marine species, securing clean water, and protecting endangered species, etc. World Wildlife Fund is mostly emphasizing the idea of together in which people are encouraged to join hand with the organization to achieve the one and only…

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