Woody's Veneer Factory Leadership Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The floor workers need to be professional and lay out problems and what the group would like to be done, this could be a raise, better benefits, or simply to be treated with respect and dignity. This management in this company is way too abrasive and has to work together to make this agency run successfully and with efficiency. Workers simply want respect and to be treated fairly. If the management wants workers to be happy and motivated the concerns listed will be addressed and if not, the workers will leave and go elsewhere and that will leave the factory without workers. A factory cannot run without floor staff and management needs to realize that without employees the factory cannot prosper or develop. In the best interest of the company the management needs to realize how important the employees are to this company and make them happier in the work …show more content…
The manager’s role at the factory is to exercise administrative, executive, and supervisory objectives the organization. A leader is more than a manager and becoming a leader is a process beyond managerial appointment. The factory managers should be trained to take on more of a leadership role within the organization because “when they want to lead, they have to give up formal authoritarian control, because to lead is to have followers, and following is always a voluntary act” (Changing Minds, 2002-2011, para. 6). At best, the managers follow a traditional model of receiving compensation in return for working and telling subordinates what to do. Leadership and management do have similarities but Ricketts (2009) states that “there are also some striking differences (i.e. management is often more task-oriented; leadership is often considered more inspirational and visionary)” (para.

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