Importance Of Effective Manager

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What is needed to be effective manager?
Leading people in an organization can be a very hard job. The skills it takes to lead people sometimes can be overwhelming. There are a hundred different management books out there that say this is what you should. I am not trying to mock them and I am sure they all have great principles that help you to be a effective manager, but sometime a lot of the management books discuss a certain situation or crisis they may have been through that helped them to develop their special skills to be an effective leader. So what does it take to be an effective leader, what skills that you can utilize in whatever management role you may be in that will be consistent every time. I have recently read a few article and I feel I have identified a few repeatable skills that can be used where ever or whatever management role you may be in.
Lead don’t manage
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Think of yourself as an expeditioner who is about to lead a set of new recruits up a treacherous mountain. Maybe you are climbing Mount Everest with these new recruits, the first thing a manager would do is tell them what they need to do while staying at base camp. This of course is a manager’s approach to climbing a mountain, but a leaders approach would be to verify that his team is trained and he the leader would climb the mountain first so the team can follow him up the mountain. That is what a leader does he takes the lead not just manage. He creates an inspiration on his Team that will push them to want to take the journey where ever he wants to go. The effective manager will set the tone for his team’s work ethic that can create an exceptional team that will work together very effectively. This is done by leading and not

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