Case Study Of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behavior of Leadership
Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind a success of an organization? Its leadership and this is the reason why people always studies about the importance of good leadership and the role it plays in the success of an organization. We all know that leadership is an action of leading people toward achieving goals and some of the roles that leadership is to set a clear vision, motivates group members, problem diagnoses, guides group members through the work process etc. When it comes to an organization, the leaderships and its roles are done by the managers and this is reason why most of the people think that leaderships and managements are same but in reality the leadership and the management are two different
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Nowadays most of the organizations are trying to implement leaderships in their management but only a few gets successful this is mainly due to the poor implementation of the leaderships. Even though we know about leaderships and its roles, when it comes to an organization, it becomes complicated. The main purpose of this case study is to make you understand three important things about the leadership. First, the importance of the leaderships in an organization. Second, the implementation of leaderships in an organization. Third, the changes that leaderships make in an organization. In order to fulfill the purpose of this paper, we are explaining about the challenges that happened in an organization called IGATE and recommending solutions to the challenges they have faced based upon the ideas of that discussed in this paper.
Very few technology companies make an impression in the market that is constantly evolving and IGATE is one of them (Success Story, 2016). Despites the humble beginnings, IGATE has managed

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