Why Should People Show Up At School Late? Essay

1029 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Why should people show up to school late if they are going to get less of a punishment than calling in sick and then their day is freed up? Through my experience, I have realized that high school students would rather skip a whole entire day of school because they end up being late to school due to something last second popping up. The reason for this behavior is since many schools would rather have students get harsh punishments for not being to school on time even for being a couple of minutes late. Sometimes these punishments don’t make any sense at all such as, getting an out of school suspension. Which is being suspended from school and then I believe the kid or a parent can pick up the school work after school. The reason it doesn’t make sense is because for the reason of missing a little bit of school students get to miss a day or a few. I believe if the punishment is lowered the students would be less likely to miss days of school. That would also help with the students after school schedule it could be with work, they have less stress since school is already a big one, and they will be taught more since they will attend school more.
One of my friends, Jimmy, lives in the outskirts of his city and the school he goes to is on the other side of the city. He has his license and can drive around now, the only problem is that in the morning when he must take his siblings to school is, that his mother works third shift and she arrives home around the time Jimmy needs to…

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