Essay on Why Should I Earth Love Back?

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Alas, emotions were shaken and disrupted. For Man has recessed into the dark forest of emotions, depressed and lost, wondering leaf to leaf . The mind flustered, the mind is flustered. As the dream state of neurosis, lost, I asked the Earth for why should I love? As the earth stood still, a momentarily laspe. For the earth answered man.
- For why should I earth love back, from what love lacks from humanity ? Hence why should I love this "man" as one (earth) calls this disease , as if it is an infection of the skin. Tell one, what would man be for if one lacks love? For one would be nothing with out the fishes in the ponds or the whales in the great blue sea. For the giraffe that stands tall or the big cat of the small hidden jungle . Whereas whom should I share my beauty with or with out? Ones love to show off ones beauty? Alas for my brother mars life has been lost. Alack, as he was ill minded as he got rid of his disease and for he died not long after; For his selfishness was his disease. For purity is not flawless as much he thought not. For purity is not Flawless but understandment and lack of filth. For whom claims purity for the impure act of saying one(spokesman) is pure contradicts one therefore one is simply not pure but lives a lie of purity . I the Earth love to show my beauty as Saturn loves to show her rings.
Man-But earth isn 't that narcissistic of You?
Earth - for you are young and I am old for with out me with out my love for whom would you be not. For I…

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