Why Should Gay Adoption Be Allowed Essay

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Gay Adoption Should be Allowed and Enforced in Every State in The U.S.

“There are no unwanted children just unfound families” (Core Values). Families together are one not anything different from every other family. No matter race, color, or the type of family. Adoption is just a way for anybody who wants to create a family would be able to have the access to have a family of their own. Even to the families who are not able to have a child or does not have a partner to have a child. The National Adoption Center allows the families in need to adopt a child in need of a loving family. Many people have had a great ending with adoptions. The families who have adopted have left and created many loving families out there, but now that same sex-couples
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In the United States there had been laws and rules that have not allowed homosexual couples from being able to adopt. From gays to lesbians many states have banned them or have excluded them from becoming a parent to a child or even fostering children. It has made them excluded from things they could have (Lewin). This article states that the banning of homosexual couples from adopting and fostering is considered illegal. It holds them back from the rights that were given to them from a long time ago. Meaning taking away the rights to adopt children from the person they choose to be with is discrimination. “So it was a potent marker of how fast laws and attitudes on gay rights issues have changed on Wednesday when civil rights lawyers filed lawsuits in federal court challenging the law”(Lewin). This quote is showing that even if there is laws that have the right that gay rights were allowing gay and lesbians to adopt, but then just taking away that right away with no explanation, no warrant, no warning. Just taking it away for being homosexual is not right. This is showing that even though homosexual couples had the rights of adopting and the states were not enforcing and supporting the rights that they clearly have …show more content…
Many states in the united states have forbid homosexual couples on any rights on having a child of their own or in their household. Homosexual couples will go through a lot of roads and door just to get shut on them when it comes to adoption. Which then leads to a last resort of surrogacy, many couples have gone through the process of going to all of the options on having a child which then has lead them to surrogacy(Jones). This means that when homosexual couples find a way to have a child to care for many of the couples will go through a difficult process. Many families have been given the chance to care for their very own child, and to have a child but homosexual couples can not really have a child where both are the genetic parents. “I wanted to give back in someway, and for me personally, I wanted to help gay couples because they can’t have a child on their own”(Jones). This proves that having to carry a child for a homosexual couples is not so bad for the actual holder of the baby. It may be a lot to process for the holder of the child but willing to help other couples that can not have a child of their own to love and care for means that these couples and many other people will go through a whole process to help the ones in need. This is showing that even though homosexual can not bare children together

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